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Why did I make this website?

Everytime I find a new game or video website that will work, it always seems to be blocked so i made this website so that we will always be able to watch videos and I will frequently post updates on working games ♨️♨️

- The hero wcms deserves 



If you type that into Google then you will get a bunch of games that are updated every Monday

(The only multiplayer game I know of rn is monopoly) 

- The hero wcms deserves 



This is a mobile YouTube proxy, you search up your video and it more that likely will come up. (Works for some people only

- The hero wcms deserves 



Also known as  HTML5 games is a website where you could get hundreds of games that work. From racing to extreme chicken and doctor acorn (a game about shooting grenades at moving targets, kinda like rambo)

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